Updating your Kitchen


Updating your kitchen – adding value to your home


Did you know that your kitchen could possibly be the most important room in your home?

A beautiful kitchen can make any home appealing, its the main hub of your home a place to socialise, cook and spend time with family and friends. When selling your home it can also be one of the most important factors to attract buyers. If you are going to invest in one room in your house, the kitchen is certainly a place where money could be well spent.

In this modern age the kitchen is a multi-function room, a place that can not just be used for cooking, its a place often for children to do their homework in, a place for socialising and spending time with the family. When it comes to prospective buyers, a nice kitchen is often top on their list when looking for the right property.


Replacing kitchens 

When looking at replacing your kitchen, consider the age and style of your property. Getting the right kitchen to fit in with the style of your property is also an important factor. If you are looking at renovating your kitchen to sell the property, avoid bold colour schemes, big patterns and personal choices, as much as you love the new grey, not all of your potential buyers will. Keep your kitchen looking neutral and practical is important, try using clever storage solutions to give the feel of more space. If your kitchen is quite large, adding an island or breakfast bar can also help enhance the appeal.

Choosing your appliances, stainless steel looks more appealing than white, the same for light switches and sockets. Think about your lighting in the kitchen area, adding under cupboard lights, plinth lights etc can all add to its appeal.  If you your budget will allow adding materials such as Silestone orGranite instead of laminated work tops can certainly help give your kitchen the WOW factor.

Once you have had your new kitchen installed, if you are looking to sell your home,  remember to keep it clean and tidy. Potential buyers want to see kitchens that look hygienic with a spacious feel. Even the most expensive kitchens won’t attract buyers if they look grubby and are full of clutter.

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  • Sean Evennett