Kitchen Design – More Than A Cooking Area


Kitchen Design – More Than A Cooking Area

Kitchens are much more than an area for cooking

In this modern age kitchens are used for a lot more than just cooking and food storage. They are often the heart of the home a place to relax and spend time with family and friends.


When we are looking at kitchen design, so much more needs to be considered. The kitchen area needs to suit your individual living pattern, your lifestyle, whilst being functional and suiting your own individual style. In many kitchens space can often be a premium, however no matter how small your kitchen is, it can still be often adapted to make the most of the important factors in your life.

Fitted kitchens can create a tidy more streamlined space within your kitchen area. Freestanding kitchens on the other hand are great for larger kitchens, giving you more flexibility for moving and adapting  the layout over time. We find a lot of people are now are opting for a variety of cabinets and worktops combined with a kitchen island. The kitchen islands we design often combine either the sink area, cooking area or a breakfast bar, in some cases all three. Over the past few years kitchen islands have become more and more popular. As technology has evolved, the kitchen island has too, offering more functionality and technology to enhance the users cooking experience.

Love Entertaining & Cooking?

If you just love entertaining and cooking, an open-plan kitchen could be the perfect solution. Especially if space is at a minimum, think about taking out adjoining walls to create more space and an open-plan feel to the area. It can be a place to chat with your family and friends whilst preparing and cooking the food.

An open-plan kitchen can also give you the flexibility for combine living areas. An open-plan kitchen can make your living space look much larger and more appealing to visitors including potential buyers. It creates an illusion of space, not just in the kitchen area but the area surrounding it too. Another option is adding a kitchen extension to your home, this not only adds to the floor space it can also add value to your home as well.

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  • Sean Evennett