Handleless Kitchens


Handleless Kitchens

Introducing handleless kitchens from Bespoke Interiors

Handleless kitchens, stylish kitchen design.


A lot of people chose handleless kitchens due to there style and uncluttered look.  We find the handleless kitchens offer a smoother transition especially with open plan kitchens. Handles can sometimes clash with your other surroundings especially in more open plan designs.  In an open plan kitchen design the divide can also be much more seamless with handleless kitchens.

Handleless kitchens look quite sleek and stylish, they can hide various appliances and offer good storage solutions behind them. Clever lighting solutions can really enhance the design.  If you love minimalistic styles and unbroken contemporary lines then opting for a handless kitchen maybe the right solution for you.

There are a few different options when it comes to handleless kitchens. Some of the doors and drawers have a simple groove cut into the edge of the actual design. This is a simple and more budget friendly option, crumbs can get trapped in the grooves of the drawers and doors and regular cleaning will still need to be carried out.

The other option is for people looking for the WOW factor, you may want to opt for a handleless design with push to open or tip on designs. These work by pushing the doors and drawers to open and close them, offering a really contemporary look.

Handleless kitchens the more hygienic option

With handleless kitchens there is no places for dirt and grim to hide unlike kitchens with handles. The only place it can really gather is within the groves of the budget friendly option of handleless kitchens. However, with the push to open or tip on designs there is no where really for it the dirt and grime to hide. We find these offer a more hygienic and safer option, especially when it comes to kitchens with lower cupboards and children running around.

Speak to us about designing your Handleless Kitchen

If you would like to speak to our team, regarding planning and designing yourhandleless kitchen please call us on 0191 271 5630 or call along to ourNewcastle Kitchen Showroom at Airport Industrial Estate, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear,

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