The Value of fitted kitchens


Kitchens could well be one of the most important aspects of our home

 So why are kitchens so important?

When it comes to planning new kitchens, its not just about the cost you need to consider it is the value it could place on your home.

Especially when people are buying and selling houses, one of the main things potential buyers look at is the kitchen. Kitchens are often the heart of a home, it’s a place where families and friends gather around.

Getting your kitchens design right is very important. You need to think of how you use your kitchen. What you can live with and what you cannot live without. Then look at new options available and technology that could give your kitchen that WOW factor.


Design is another important factor and style, think about how your kitchen is positioned in your home. For example if it’s next to a dining room is there any room to extend your kitchen area or perhaps make it a kitchen/dining area for the family.

Everyone’s needs and requirements are different, more and more we are being asked for islands to be added into kitchens. We often getting customers suggesting they cannot have an island as there is not enough room? Islands are often designed with cupboards, this often lets us free more space within the main kitchens design. There are a lot of different designs which can be created. At Bespoke Interiors ,we manufacturer many of our own kitchens, in-turn this gives us the flexibility to create something more unique for our customers.

Whether you want a kitchen that is just for cooking, or one created to incorporate a dining area or perhaps a kitchen and chill out room for the family. Our team of designers can help you create your dream kitchen. We have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke kitchens. From small kitchens to more luxury handmade kitchens.

Why are Kitchen Islands so popular.


Apart from the design factor, they are a great way to cook and socialize amongst family and friends.

However, there are a few things you should consider first if you are thinking of incorporating an island. The first job is deciding the fit and function of the island. How are you planning to use the space, are you wanting to incorporate your cooker or sink? Is it going to be an area of extra seating for the family? Once you have decided on the above, it is time to let our creative team of designers see what is possible, with the space you have. Most home owners who want a kitchen island prefer it to have some storage and drawers, if this is something that is of interest to you, make sure you consider this within your plans.

When it comes to the overall design of your kitchen island, think about the theme of your kitchen. Your island does not have to be the same colour and design as the rest of your kitchen, but they should really complement one another. This is where our kitchen designers can help and advise you on the right contrast for your kitchen. We also offer an interior design service, we can create and design your whole kitchen, including the soft furnishings, decorating and lighting.

Come and visit our kitchen Showroom in Newcastle

We have brochures available and photos of kitchen islands we have created for you to view at our Newcastle showroom. Our team will discuss your requirements and do our best to come up with a solution that best meets your style and requirements. We work with our customers from the initial ideas through to the design, installation and finishing touches.

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  • Sean Evennett