Kitchen and Bathroom Trends


Kitchens and Bathrooms Trends

Spotlight on Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms can make a big difference when it comes to the appearance of your home.

kitchens the heart of the home.

Kitchens which features products that are: earth-friendly, come with high-technology, bright and colorful designs. It is about convenience meeting multi-functionality.

Green efficiency is very much the new trend when it comes to your kitchen. Buying energy efficient products and appliances for your kitchen and recycling facilities.

Cool Lighting for Kitchens

Once of the first things when planning new kitchens is the lighting and electrics. These need to be installed before any plastering or re-decorating or fitting work. This is an important part of your kitchen, a part you need make sure you get right.

Think about your tasks, i.e working, dining, feature and mood lights. To create both an ambient setting and give you kitchen the WOW factor. Also look at dimmable solutions to give your kitchen more flexibility.

Spotlights, downlighters, up-lighters and strips that can be placed either under or on top of kitchen units. Can make all the difference to your kitchen, letting your be more creative.

One of the latest trends for kitchens we have seen is for easy-to-use sensor-operated products. These can be extremely practical, especially when preparing food. You don’t have to wash your hands every time you need to flick the light switch. Just wave your hand in front of the sensor.

You can also operate drawer and cabinet lighting on sensors. When the door or drawer is opened they instantly come on. These can look great and very impressive in kitchens.

Kitchens – Units and worktops

When it comes to kitchen units and worktops. The choice is huge, there are a fantastic range of worktops to choose from such as Granite, Wood, laminate, glass, composite stone etc. Kitchen units come in many different materials and colours.


Minimalism and more natural materials, textured finishes along with creative lighting. All this combined with the feel of a relaxing spa can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

White is always a  popular choice for sanitary ware. Ofter the past few years we  have seen mosaic tiled featured walls colour matched to furniture. Creating a feel of luxury.

Wall hung toilets and basins have been very popular, giving the feeling of space. Natural wood, coloured glass and textured finishes have been another favorite. Clever storage solutions to help keep clutter to a minimum in bathrooms. Style can be created in the smallest of bathrooms if it is planned out correctly.

Wall mounted taps, bath fillers which are concealed and floor standing taps. Offer both design and the latest in technology. Push button taps which have a indication for quarter, half and full flow rates. Along with LED lighting to indicate the water temperature are becoming more and more popular.

Wetrooms and underfloor heating and remaining to be a popular choice in bathrooms.

Waterproof televisions and mirrors with concealed LED lighting are also a popular addition for bathrooms.

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